Moving to a new blog

I’ve moved my old blog to a new domain and new software. Popular postings have been migrated, the rest remains at the old blog/site as an archive. As a bonus, comments are now finally supported. started as a quick hack - I just wanted to share some thoughts and code, but it’s time to give it a more appropriate name and more suitable software. The old blog ran Plone and eventhough there are sufficient blogging products for it it’s always pretty hard to not make it look like Plone anymore.

I wanted the new blog to run some sort of Python blogging software. I have considered Django Mingus, but it looks too alpha for easy deployment. I ended up using Zine which seems pretty mature and feature complete. However, now that I am using it there are some things I’d like to improve, such as:

  • I don’t like the included text parsers. I actually like WYSIWYG editors in stead of learning yet another markup language (which Zine-markup can’t actually be considered)
  • There’s no way to add images to a posting. You need to upload them elsewhere.
  • A modified skin probably, although the default looks fine for now
  • Migration options are really limited, migrating to the database directly is not really supported. I’ve hand migrated some articles so that’s not really an issue anymore.
  • It uses the retarded US date format M/D/Y in the admin interface, and I see no option to fix this. Probably setting a locale somewhere in the WSGI publication chain.
  • The editing workflow is rather primitive, no real preview option.
  • It’s too hard to link to another blog entry - you have to copy/craft the url by hand.

Usually I end up considering writing my own variation of the software. Lack of time is what keeps me from reinventing these wheels over and over again :)

All of these things can be accompilished using Zine’s plugin mechanism so it’s worh looking into that. Unfortunately, documentation is seriously lacking.

My old blog is dead, it won’t get updates. You can unsubscribe from the RSS feed and subscribe to this blogs Atom feed in stead.

Last updated April 18, 2013, 4:35 p.m.
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