Using docker to run silverlight applications on Ubuntu

The (online) bookkeeping software used by my accountant uses Silverlight. If you want to run this on ubuntu, there some steps involved.

First of all, you can't run silverlight in Google Chrome. The preferred way to run Silverlight on ...

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Nesting ng-repeat-start

If you need to span multiple elements using an ng-repeat, e.g.  you want to generate two rows for a single entry, you can use ng-repeat-start and ng-repeat-end.


<tr ng-repeat-start="item in items">
<tr ng-repeat-end ...
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Mixing AngularJS and Django Template placeholders

I've blogged before on how to use AngularJS with Django, who both share the same {{ }} placeholders. The trick there was to keep using {{ }} for Django, and <[ ]> (or any other combo) for AngularJS.


This works well but there's a ...

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Python requests and (rapidssl) certificates

Today I learned that RapidSSL certificates aren't as widely supported on all clients as most others.

When changing an API endpoint URL for a project that used to run locally, non-ssl to a remote, ssl powered server, the code ...

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