Supporting http auth url's using AngularJS

For an application I'm working on I need Angular to successfully check for (any) content on a HTTP-Auth protected url such as


Googling on how to support this gives some overly complex solutions ...

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Sangean WFR-27C mini-review

Sangean WFR-27CI've been looking for a good and affordable DAB+ / Internet radio for a while now. FM reception is terrible in Amsterdam and internet streaming can still be flakey (also because WIFI is). I hoped that DAB+ would solve at ...

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Using docker to run silverlight applications on Ubuntu

The (online) bookkeeping software used by my accountant uses Silverlight. If you want to run this on ubuntu, there some steps involved.

First of all, you can't run silverlight in Google Chrome. The preferred way to run Silverlight on ...

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Nesting ng-repeat-start

If you need to span multiple elements using an ng-repeat, e.g.  you want to generate two rows for a single entry, you can use ng-repeat-start and ng-repeat-end.


<tr ng-repeat-start="item in items">
<tr ng-repeat-end ...
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