Mixing AngularJS and Django Template placeholders

I've blogged before on how to use AngularJS with Django, who both share the same {{ }} placeholders. The trick there was to keep using {{ }} for Django, and <[ ]> (or any other combo) for AngularJS.


This works well but there's a ...

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Python requests and (rapidssl) certificates

Today I learned that RapidSSL certificates aren't as widely supported on all clients as most others.

When changing an API endpoint URL for a project that used to run locally, non-ssl to a remote, ssl powered server, the code ...

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Workaround for Django 1.4 -> Django 1.6 message cookie error

The messages cookie format has changed in Django 1.5. However, support for the old format has been removed from Django 1.6 which means that if you migrate from Django 1.4 to Django 1.6 directly, you may ...

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An Online/Offline web application based on CouchDB

(This is a repost from a post I wrote on my company site: An Online/Offline web application based on CouchDB)


Offline...It seems that a turning point has been reached: web applications are easier accepted than traditional desktop applications.

In ...

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