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Mikhail Gusarov contacted me today about my iRiver story findings.

He’s involved in openinkpot, a Linux e-reader distro. Based on my initial findings he’s been able to execute arbitrary code based on the elisamake_sh script

You can read more about his findings and details here

I hadn’t heard of openinkpot before. It looks like a interesting and useful project that I’ll be following closely, even though the iRiver story won’t be supported for a while.

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    I am not really good at any of this stuff, but I would really like to know If I could boot my iriver from an sd card. I just got is yesterday, and after upgrading the firmware, the reader just keeps freezing on the loading page.

    i would really appreciate, If you could help me a little


    Comment by Renee — Mar 23, 2010 11:24:17 AM

    @Renee, please read the other blog posts about the iRiver and specifically the comments. There are ways to restore/fix/hack your e-reader (and someone actually just succeeded in doing that)

    Comment by ivo — Mar 25, 2010 9:31:19 AM

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