Marmitek IP Robocam 8 (wireless) == TRENDnet TV IP400W

I bought a Marmitek IP Robocom 8 wireless (which also supports wired networks) about a year ago. It seems to be discontinued by Marmitek by now.

I've been researching if there are any interesting firmware upgrades or other (OSX) software available, but Marmitek doesn't supply any. However, I found out that the camera is basically a TRENDnet TV IP400W camera in a different encosure (and slightly modified firmware). Or, alternatively, they're both based on the same (unknown) OEM hardware/software.

In case you ever need anything for this camera (software, software support in software, etc), it may be good to know it's essentially the TV-IP400W. I haven't tried the IP400W firmware on my Marmitek but it just might work.

Some stuff I found:

  • TV-IP400W emulator. Really similar to the Marmitek. Some pages that are missing on the Marmitek (i.e. /About.htm) can actually be subsituted by hand
  • TV IP400W software, including firmwares. More recent than the "3.25" that the Marmitek has.
  • GPL sources. The 410W is listed but eventhough similarities (and similar version number) I don't think the IP400W is running any sort of linux.
  • Reverse-engineerd details
  • Another member of the family: NCS-370W
  • Get the cam to work with ZoneMinder, by Peter Hulst
  • Stil no decent OSX support
Last updated April 18, 2013, 4:35 p.m.
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