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I just received the iRiver Story EB02 e-reader I blogged about earlier. The first steps of course are:

  • hook it up (to load the battery and to upload some books)
  • update the firmware (this really is a must)

Hooking it up

You need to explicitly select if it connects as a storage device or if it should just charge. I'm not sure if it charges when used as an external disk.

Disconnecting on OSX (unmounting) seems to be a problem - it immediately reconnects.

Updating the firmware

Make sure you save the firmware in UPPERCASE! It explicitly checks foor EBOOK.HEX, ebook.hex won't work!

It's unclear to me how to properly turn the device off (you don't really need to actually!). Sliding the hold key to the right will simply lock the device.

Other findings

  • There's no mention anywhere of GPL'd or otherwise OSS being used/licensed (it uses at least the linux kernel and busybox)
  • while reading selecting options->reflow (on->off) will greatly improve readability, at least with the PDF documents I tried.
  • I'm positively surprised by the responsiveness and speed of the device. It's snappy enough for me.

Closed comments

I use this device for a while, firmware version is 1.71. It really does charge when connected as disk device.

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