iRiver releases Story source

It seems iRiver has put up a webpage containing the source to the iRiver story firmware, or at least (some?) GPL copylefted parts of it.

It’s a rather strange page however. Text is embedded in images (in stead of plain text / html) and an imagemap with javascript to download the actual files. It’s almost as if they don’t want the page to be indexed. They even manage to misspell their product name.

On the other hand, iRiver *is* linking (again through javascript, so it can’t be followed by crawlers) to the open source page from its frontpage.

So just to be sure I’ll be making copies of the provided source, and to help google a bit I’ll provide some indexable direct links:

I will also provide a mirror of the iRiver story GPL source files, though I haven’t checked them thorougly yet.

It’s unclear if my previous posts and/or if Mikhail Gusarov’s work has been of any influence, but it’s good to see some source being released. Hopefully this will enable the developers to hack the iRiver story a bit more :)

Closed comments

    Just note: publishing texts as pictures, javascripts, ActiveX or flash are frequently used in Korea. Maybe, it is only the “Korean standard web page”, not the protection from indexing.

    The page is announced at and Google finds it “source code iriver story”.

    Comment by Viktor — Apr 21, 2010 1:55:32 PM

    In case you’re interested in hacking kernel or uboot for story, I created a repo, where iriver’s changes are applied to vanlilla code of coresponding versions:

    Comment by t3d — May 7, 2010 10:36:32 PM

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