A python classproperty

In rare occassions I need a property on a classmethod. Until now I've only needed getter-access (setting properties on classes dynamically is scary anyway). Here's my implementation:

def classproperty(f):
        >>> class foo(object):
        ...    @classproperty
        ...    def name ...
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Pure lambda calculus in Python

I've always been amazed by lambda calculus (the way it was tought to me at the university). A while ago (actually more than ten years, it turns out) I attempted to implement some pure lambda calculus in Python.

I ...

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Django trick: getting a readable traceback

When working/debugging with Django, there may be cases where you get the full (debug) HTML error template. For example, when using pdb on client code that invokes a django view.

It's really hard to get the actual error ...

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Fixing "fake initctl" on new ubuntu 12.10 install

In case anyone runs in the same weird issue as me and searching for this error: 

I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" (server) on a small cdrom/floppyless system. I created a bootable usb drive using "unetbootin" (needed ...

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