Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader is shutting down on july 1st, everyone (who uses it) probably knows that by now. 

Tons of alternatives existed already and have emerged since the announcement (I've been using similar tools before Google Reader actually, such as ...

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Increasing memory on a raspberry PI

As a fun side project, I have a co-located raspberry pi. It works exceptionally well and it's quite usefull for light tasks such as a znc bouncer and for doing HTTP redirects.

However, I noticed "free" reported only 448MB ...

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boosting generic queries with Django Haystack / SOLR

More Django/Haystack/SOLR fun today: boosting a specific field on a generic query. Now, that would seem trivial using the "boost" option on a searchfield, but it isn't. It turns out this option only works if you explicitly ...

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Prefix substring matching for django haystack / solr

If you're using django haystack with SOLR (both fantastic products) and you want your queries to also match partially against words, e.g. search "foo" will match "foo", "foobar", "food", then the following might be a solution.

SOLR supports ...

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