FirefoxOS / Geeksphone Keon observations

Mozilla has been kind enough to send me a developer preview phone with their FirefoxOS installed. In return, I will "port" some of my HTML5 based Android apps to FirefoxOS.

But first, let's "hack" this device a bit.

ADB ...

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Template layers / skins for Django

With Django I often have cases where I want to serve different templates based on certain request-specific criteria (usually the hostname used for the request). For example

  • Different "skins" for different domains
  • A different "visitor skin" all together (while the ...
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More SOLR and eDismax parser fun

I've been working on boosting certain indexed fields when searching using Django and SOLR. This seemed to work well until I deployed the code in production. In production I was getting completely nonsensical results: pages that should be explicitly ...

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Django and Travis Continuous Integration

I've recently started using Travis-CI on the WheelCMS code. At first it seemed like a simple task, and it probably is for an individual package with no / hardly any dependencies.

But this his not the case for the avergage ...

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