Adding css classes to formfields in Django Templates

I'm in the process of making two.bootstrap support Bootstrap 3. A lot has changed but one of the most significant changes may be the requirement that form controls (like input) must have a class="formcontrol" to be rendered ...

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Business Card Raytracer in Python

There has been some "hype" around the business card raytracer recently. At least I've seen the link to it/discussions about it popup a lot recently.

I've always been interested in raytracing and 3D rendering but I never ...

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Creating empty/placeholder github issues automatically

I'm in the process of migrating WheelCMS's issue tracker from redmine to Github. The issues in redmine are numbered up to about number 800 (shared with many other trackers, there aren't that many WheelCMS issues yet :) and ...

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FirefoxOS app packaging and caching

The way applications are distributed for FirefoxOS are quite different if, like me, you come from an Android (or iOS) background.

HTML5 apps

In stead of building/compiling a standalone package and uploading/submitting this to some app store / market ...

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