An Online/Offline web application based on CouchDB

(This is a repost from a post I wrote on my company site: An Online/Offline web application based on CouchDB)


Offline...It seems that a turning point has been reached: web applications are easier accepted than traditional desktop applications.

In ...

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Getting started with Django and AngularJS

I've been using AngularJS for a few projects lately and I like it a lot! However, in combination with Django you may run into the following issues:

  • AngularJS and Django both use {{}} for template interpolation
  • AngularJS has to support ...
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CyanogenMod on Galaxy Tab - some hints

CM logoI've had a spare, barely functional (by now) Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (first galaxy tab) lying around for a while now. It's never been very well supported by Samsung (it required that horrible "Kies" to update, and there ...

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Synchronize a postgresql database to a different user for demo purposes

I have found a rather nice way to "synchronize" a database to a new database owned by a different user and perform a minor update on it.

The background: WheelCMS has a demo version which runs on the same content ...

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