quick hack to unit-test a browserview that depends on plone.protect

Plone provides the plone.protect.authenticator view to protect against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

However, this makes unit-testing such code slightly more difficult. I'm currently using the following hack, if anyone can point me to a better direction ...

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Full text-based document generation using asciidoc and ditaa

I'm not a big fan of wordprocessors like OpenOffice.org or MS Office for writing technical documentation. I always end up focussing on how things are outlined and styled instead of the contents. Especially with technical documentation, content and ...

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Siemens sx762 wlan dsl router experiences

My ISP recently sent me a Siemens sx762 wlan dsl modem with voip support. it replaces the ATA voip box they previously provided me which is suffering from too much echo on certain calls.

It looks like a decent, pretty ...

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