django toy project: fetch/analyze HTTP / HTML

One of my toy projects has been running nicely over the past few months so I guess it's time to release it into the wild:


It fetches url's and provides all kinds of information such as:

  • headers ...
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Better flash video playback on Linux (Ubuntu)

I'm currently looking at some Google IO android talks on youtube and I was annoyed by the fact that eventhough I have a brand new core2duo 2.4ghz laptop, videoplayback was still horrible.

Eventhough this is Flash video playback ...

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Marmitek IP Robocam 8 (wireless) == TRENDnet TV IP400W

I bought a Marmitek IP Robocom 8 wireless (which also supports wired networks) about a year ago. It seems to be discontinued by Marmitek by now.

I've been researching if there are any interesting firmware upgrades or other (OSX ...

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Samsung Galaxy i7500 review

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy i7500 when it became available in the Netherlands. It's already been available in Germany and (I think) the UK for a while so it's not even that cutting edge.

In this posting ...

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