SEO/Security/Sysadmin tools: Web application detection

I’m knee deep in web development. I also always like to look at websites from a security point of view. This often means I end up looking at http headers, source code, error pages and so on to see ...

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Moving to a new blog

I’ve moved my old blog to a new domain and new software. Popular postings have been migrated, the rest remains at the old blog/site as an archive. As a bonus, comments are now finally supported. ...

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iriver story hands-on

I just received the iRiver Story EB02 e-reader I blogged about earlier. The first steps of course are:

  • hook it up (to load the battery and to upload some books)
  • update the firmware (this really is a must)

Hooking it ...

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Hacking the iRiver Story EB02 e-reader

I recently purchased an iRiver Story EB02 e-reader. I haven't actually received it yet but I was curious about its details and the type of software it would run.

I learned it's an abolute must to download / install ...

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