Why you shouldn't buy a Samsung Android phone

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy i7500 about 6 months ago. I blogged before on how disappointed I was with it, and that hasn’t changed. Recently I took my losses and replaced it with an HTC Desire, which turns out ...

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iRiver releases Story source

It seems iRiver has put up a webpage containing the source to the iRiver story firmware, or at least (some?) GPL copylefted parts of it.

It’s a rather strange page however. Text is embedded in images (in stead of ...

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Twitter Social Networking

When using Twitter I sometimes wonder how I’m “related” to other users. Usually I will know if I follow them directly or if they follow me, but do we share any followers / people we follow?

Twitter is considered a ...

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More iRiver story news

Mikhail Gusarov contacted me today about my iRiver story findings.

He’s involved in openinkpot, a Linux e-reader distro. Based on my initial findings he’s been able to execute arbitrary code based on the elisamake_sh script

You can read ...

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