Arduino hacking and experimenting

I’ve recently started experimenting with Arduino, an open source hardware prototyping platform, and with electronics in general. After the standard first few experiments (blinking LED’s and such) I wanted to do something a bit more exciting.

I Already ...

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building a browser-based music player

I have a large digitized music collection on my local QNap NAS, but I hardly ever listen to any of it anymore. For some reason I find most music players buggy, slow or just too restricted. Furthermore, just a player ...

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Upgrading the HTC Desire to Android Froyo (2.2) by hand

(This article is also available in Dutch, Android Froyo (2.2) handmatig op HTC Desire installeren on my Dutch Android Pro site.)

HTC has released the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Desire in the Netherlands in the ...

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Hacking the Zolid Mobile Router

I recently bought a Zolid “wireless mobile router” at a local ALDI store. It’s a nifty little device with 2xUSB, 2xUTP, and b/g/n wireless. You can plug it directly in a socket or power it through micro ...
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