Really Tile? (or "How To Not Do UX")

Posted on May 7, 2022
tl;dr: Gray UX patterns from Tile

I recently purchased a tile “tag” to see how it works and if it would be usable for my mother to track her cat when it’s outside. I might document my findings later, but signing up for Tile didn’t get off to a good start:

when registering, it tricked me into signing up for their mailinglist up with a negated-and-by-default-unchecked “do not spam me” checkbox.

Tile signup

Really Tile? Are you that desperate to bother me with your mails?

Needless to say, if you respect your (potential) customers, you don’t trick them into signing up, upsells, extra’s or whatever. You make sure they choose explicitly.

And another one

I guess I missed the “let’s exploit our customers” memo. is even worse.

Beer52 signup

I guess it really shows what these companies are really after. It’s no longer that if the product is free, you are the product - in both cases they are paid and/or subscription services.