Prefix substring matching for django haystack / solr
If you're using django haystack with SOLR (both fantastic products) and you want your queries to also match partially against words, e.g. search "foo" will match "foo", "foobar", "food", then the following might be a solution.SOLR supports prefix substring matching through the EdgeNGramFilterFactory. You will need to add this to ...
boosting generic queries with Django Haystack / SOLR
More Django/Haystack/SOLR fun today: boosting a specific field on a generic query. Now, that would seem trivial using the "boost" option on a searchfield, but it isn't. It turns out this option only works if you explicitly query on the boosted field. Consider the following definition:class SomeIndex(SearchIndex): text = CharField(document=True, use_template=True, ...
More SOLR and eDismax parser fun
It turns out the eDismax plugin is quite broken in SOLR 3.6