Nesting ng-repeat-start
A rather odd ng-repeat case
CyanogenMod on Galaxy Tab - some hints
Some remarks about installing CM on my GT P-1000
An Online/Offline web application based on CouchDB
Repost from
Sangean WFR-27C mini-review
Verdict: don't waste your money on this
Arduino hacking and experimenting
I’ve recently started experimenting with Arduino, an open source hardware prototyping platform, and with electronics in general. After the standard first few experiments (blinking LED’s and such) I wanted to do something a bit more exciting. I Already purchased a cheap 5x7 led matrix and thought it would be easy ...
Google Reader alternatives
Google Reader is shutting down on july 1st, everyone (who uses it) probably knows that by now.  Tons of alternatives existed already and have emerged since the announcement (I've been using similar tools before Google Reader actually, such as netvibes) and now it's time to pick a new (or old ...
FirefoxOS / Geeksphone Keon observations
Mozilla has been kind enough to send me a developer preview phone with their FirefoxOS installed. In return, I will "port" some of my HTML5 based Android apps to FirefoxOS. But first, let's "hack" this device a bit. ADB FirefoxOS uses/supports Android's ADB (Android Debug Bridge). This means it can ...
FirefoxOS app packaging and caching
Different ways to distribute your FirefoxOS applications.