Sangean WFR-27C mini-review

Sangean WFR-27CI've been looking for a good and affordable DAB+ / Internet radio for a while now. FM reception is terrible in Amsterdam and internet streaming can still be flakey (also because WIFI is). I hoped that DAB+ would solve at least some of these issues.

It might, but not if you chose the Sangean WFR-27C. It has nice specs and features but the main feature is horribly broken: it can't properly play DAB+ streams!

I'm really utterly amazed that a product that's known to be broken for the Dutch market is being sold in the Netherlands. The problem seems to be mainly with dutch public broadcasting stations, "NPO", because they use some sort of image slideshow in their stream.

I've already had the radio replaced but since this is a software problem, the second radio exhibited exactly the same problem: After about 1 to 5 minutes of working it crashed/rebooted.

I have had contact with Sangean EU. They promised a fixing update that same week but didn't come through on their promise. After some more researching, I learned that the problem has been know for a much longer time on other models as well.

I will return this model as well, of course. If you consider buying one, I wouldn't bother. Even if they do manage to fix this problem eventually, who says it won't break again next month and you have to wait another few weeks/months before you're able to use it again.

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