More SOLR and eDismax parser fun

I've been working on boosting certain indexed fields when searching using Django and SOLR. This seemed to work well until I deployed the code in production. In production I was getting completely nonsensical results: pages that should be explicitly excluded were included in the results, and I would only get a fraction of the results.

It turned out the production server was running SOLR 3.6 and my buildout was still pinned on version 3.5. Yes, shame on me: I should have double checked versions first, but I never imaged a minor version change would have such an impact.

Once I started looking into the version change and the eDismax plugin, I ran into a number of issues. Most notably this one

eDismax: A fielded query wrapped by parens is not recognized
... a query like this
will yield 0 hits in 3.6 while it worked in 3.5. It works without the parens.

A solution / workaround turns to be to prefix the fieldnames with a space. E.g.


Note the bold + which is an encoded space. Without it I would get zero results.

I worked around this in my code by defining a custom solr backend (which I already had anyway, because of some haystack issues) and added

 query_string = query_string.replace("(", "( ")
raw_results =, **kwargs)
except (IOError, SolrError), e:
if not self.silently_fail:


And now the results I expected are back again :)

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